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TheCollege of NJ

  In April of 2023, Lauren and Quentin led a workshop of The Picher Project at the College of New Jersey. 

Production Staff

Director: Quentin Madia

Assistant Director: Samantha Belle

Music Director: Lauren Pelaia

Assistant Music Director: Hannah Stratton

Stage Manager: Braden Drake

Assis. SManagers: Caden Michalski, Shannon Newman

Dramaturg: Zoe Talbot

Script Assistants: Anna Holland, Laura Walter

Producers: Elizabeth Chipura, Evan Lopez



The Man: Justin Drayton

Newscaster: Kylie Bittner

Rebecca Jim: Delaney Bogusz

Hoppy Ray: Hudson Waller

Rita Ray: Madeline Campbell

Tucker Ray, Football Player, Press 2: Robert Burgess

Young Tucker Ray, Boy 1: Kit Weeden

Vick Charles: Brendan Branosky

Grace Charles: Meghan Hatley

Brooke Charles, Press 3: Madelyn Strickland

Young Brooke Charles, Girl 1: Brooke Walker

Lenna Sanders: Skylar Yannello

Cayden Sanders, Football Player, Press 1: Aidan Hulse

Young Cayden Sanders, Boy 2: Oliver Eloe

Dusty Wright : Dylan Catania

Wilma Stone: Justine DeNicola

Suzanna Hyde: Kara Gillam

David Miller: Dylan Greco

Women, Jenny: Hannah Stratton

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