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     The first live performance of The Picher Project was presented at Dixon Place on April 26th, 2019. The Picher Project premiered a 30 minute cut of the show, as well as a video recapping their trip to Picher. 


Director: Quentin Madia

Music Director: Lauren Pelaia

Production Stage Manager: Caroline Duffin

Assistant Stage Manager: Anna Leiberman

Assistant Director/Choreographer: Trent Soyster

Projection/Lighting Designer: Quentin Madia



Lauren Pelaia, Leana Concepcion, Jack Boyd, Josh Walker, Brett Parker Dixon, Sebastian Zuniga, Angelica Gorga, Christina Hart, Madison Weschler, Evan Pelaia, Natalie Largey

     Dixon Place was founded in 1987 by Artistic Director Ellie Covan. Dixon Place has been a pioneer in producing all works of art: theatre, dance, musical theatre, performance art, puppetry, literature, circus arts, and more. More information can be found at

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