Quentin Madia, Lauren Pelaia, and Alex Knezevic all met pursuing theatre and performance in New York City. Madia and Knezevic both attended Pace University, where they began to collaborate. The three of them ended up working together on several different projects, including “Two Star Motel”, the World Premiere of a new pop-punk musical, directed by Madia and starring Pelaia and Knezevic. As Knezevic took composing classes, he and Madia were commissioned by Pace University, where they had studied, to write a performance piece to welcome their new President. Madia then went on to direct two music videos of Pelaia’s original songs, and the two co-wrote a song for a show titled “Employee of the Month.”

     In December 2017, Madia stumbled upon images of Picher and quickly reached out to collaborators Lauren Pelaia and Alex Knezevic. They began doing dramaturgy and eventually became obsessed with the pictures, the town, and the story. The three banded together and set forth to tell the story of Picher, Oklahoma, determined to share this forgotten piece of American history.

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