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is a new musical that explores the rise and destruction of the now-abandoned mining town of Picher, Oklahoma.

Once the world's largest producer of lead and zinc, Picher became the EPA’s #1 Superfund site, deeming it the most toxic place in America. The Picher Project, based on interviews, personal stories and historic events, covers the town’s 100-year history from the opening of the mines to the town’s demise. While grappling with losing their homes, the town is forced to confront their complicated political divide, unpredictable natural disasters, and environmentally caused illnesses. Through the lives of Picher citizens and the often forgotten experience of the Quapaw Nation, The Picher Project shows the struggles of illness, pride, love and loss. The Picher Project ultimately asks the following questions: How do we take responsibility for our history? How do we treat the land we live on? How do we leave our home?

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